Tuesday, 22 December 2009


meal at a Heather's house
meal with Andrew and Jazz
My 20th Birthday at Westminster

First half taken on 7year old film. Nice little hue going on there!
Last few film was in date-ish.


Self explanatory


My Holga and fisheye has arrived! Yay!
Just in time for Christmas.

I was hoping to get some good pictures of the snow, but since I have been a recluse all day, I didn't realise that the snow has actually already melted and nearly gone. :(

 I did buy a Lomo fisheye2 camera however, I got swindled by some idiot on eBay. Got my money back though and I think this is better. Even if I did have to pay £20 more for it.

Once I've used a film and developed it I'll post them on here! eeek exciting stuff!!

Fanzine Fair

Fair was great!
Such fun! :)

Felt a bit weird though sitting behind a desk whilst people were coming round and looking at your work. It felt to me like you were selling yourself. Like if they didn't like the look of you, then they wouldn't buy your things.

Made about £25 though so I was happy! Already spent it all though. Bought new material though and felt and pins and things like that. I'm going to make some cool bits to sell at the next fanzine fair which will be on the 11TH JANUARY 2010!!

The new stuff I'm making won't be sticking to the theme that I did for my fanzine. Well some of it might do, but others not. I don't really like the zine so why stick to it when I have another chance?

I found a photo of me sat at my stall. I don't look too impressed, but then again I don't like my photo being taken!

Thursday, 17 December 2009


So I finally got my act together and finished my fanzine! I even managed to do a small one by silkscreen. yaaaaaaaaaaaay!

so here's some of the pages, well actually all.
 The front, back and acetate sheets are missing though.

Tell me what you think!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Two years

you've been gone and it only feels like yesterday.

I think about you everyday.

You aren't gone to me.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

100 Journals Project

So I got an email today about a fabulous Journal project!

100 journals are going to be sent out and you have to fill in a few pages when you receive it through the post!

I can't wait to get mine through the post, hopefully it will be one which has already been written in! :)

with your name and address if you want to take part too!

All the journals need to be sent back by the end of January 2010 and will be displayed in the Herbert Read Gallery at UCA in Canterbury in February. A publication will even be made from selected pages! Wicked!!!

Do it! You'll love it!

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Some doodles which I did whilst at work.

Phase one.

Started writing a journal last night. Pretty much due to the fact that my friend Andrew inspired me to do so. So far so good.

I forgot how good it was to write. To write about practically anything and everything in our own way, our own thoughts, which coinside with this idea of 'life'.

My journal was started last night and not this morning was due to the fact that I found Uni a bit of a struggle yesterday. Steward didn't really seem too bothered about my work and I guess that kinda hit me hard as I wasn't expecting it.

So I'm going through this kind of phase. An art one at that. Well, last night before I went out anyway.

I'm going to use this blog a lot more now. To help me overcome criticism and all those so called things that come with being an 'artist'.

Crit my work. I need you to.


So we've got this fayre thing coming up.

 Fanzines are out in force!

18th December UCA. Student Bar. 

Zine Fayre