Saturday, 5 December 2009

Phase one.

Started writing a journal last night. Pretty much due to the fact that my friend Andrew inspired me to do so. So far so good.

I forgot how good it was to write. To write about practically anything and everything in our own way, our own thoughts, which coinside with this idea of 'life'.

My journal was started last night and not this morning was due to the fact that I found Uni a bit of a struggle yesterday. Steward didn't really seem too bothered about my work and I guess that kinda hit me hard as I wasn't expecting it.

So I'm going through this kind of phase. An art one at that. Well, last night before I went out anyway.

I'm going to use this blog a lot more now. To help me overcome criticism and all those so called things that come with being an 'artist'.

Crit my work. I need you to.

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