Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Fanzine Fair

Fair was great!
Such fun! :)

Felt a bit weird though sitting behind a desk whilst people were coming round and looking at your work. It felt to me like you were selling yourself. Like if they didn't like the look of you, then they wouldn't buy your things.

Made about £25 though so I was happy! Already spent it all though. Bought new material though and felt and pins and things like that. I'm going to make some cool bits to sell at the next fanzine fair which will be on the 11TH JANUARY 2010!!

The new stuff I'm making won't be sticking to the theme that I did for my fanzine. Well some of it might do, but others not. I don't really like the zine so why stick to it when I have another chance?

I found a photo of me sat at my stall. I don't look too impressed, but then again I don't like my photo being taken!

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